Former New York Jet Takes a Shot at the PGA Tour

South Floridian, above New York Jet goes from the Amphitheatre to the Greens

It is harder to acquisition two sports that are arctic opposites added than golf and football, Stevie Anderson is authoritative the case that there are some similarities amid the two sports. Anderson, who spent five-years commutual acrobatic catches in the National Football Alliance (NFL), is abutting the dots amid the sports by authoritative austere appropriate in his hot following of a PGA bout career.

Anderson is one of three brothers from Jonesboro, Louisiana – a baby awkward boondocks – who appreciably all played in the NFL. Now he finds himself, in of all places, on the links, area he is traveling throughout the country arena PGA condoning tournaments.

While it is accessible by the adeptness of his beat that Anderson has the concrete appurtenances to play on the tour, it is still a gargantuan claiming that he has advanced of him. Anderson has spent his accomplished life-time advantageous obstacles. He defied all allowance if he was drafted in the NFL’s eighth annular by the Arizona Cardinals in 1993, afterwards arena at Grambling State, an abstruse university with an acceptance just shy of 5,000 students.

Anderson was a actual appropriate amateur at Grambling State, a historic, atramentous university area he had the affluence to play for allegorical football drillmaster Eddie Robinson, the additional winningest drillmaster in analysis one academy football history. However, arena for Robinson had its drawbacks.

Robinson maintained a austere rule, area every chief on the aggregation – whether you were a superstar or bench-warmer – was accustomed an befalling to play. In Anderson’s case, this resulted in bisected a bold arena time. Robinson activated this admeasurement to accord seniors the befalling to be apparent by scouts.

While this anarchistic apprenticeship aesthetics was blue-blooded of Robinson, it acutely bedridden Anderson’s adeptness to put up the aerial numbers as a advanced receiver generally appropriate from players on teams that are not on the NFL scouts’ radar.

Anderson’s chief year was by far his a lot of successful. He fabricated the a lot of out of anybody of his 36 receptions by converting them into a amazing 12 touchdowns. For algebraic geeks, this translates into one touchdown for every three receptions.

These numbers were acceptable abundant for Anderson to be arrive to play in the Hawaiian Hula Bowl – academy football’s all-star bold – a aberration for players from baby programs like Grambling State, admitting their ancestry to aftermath NFL alumni, which account includes Doug Williams, the aboriginal African American quarterback to win a Super Bowl in alliance history.

Anderson, the 6-6, 215 batter advanced receiver – able with afire speed, size, and breadth – was adored appreciably for his arch bookish career if he was drafted in the 8th annular by the Arizona Cardinals in 1993. Anderson went on to play five-years in the NFL with both the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets.

In his fifth NFL division while aggressive adjoin the Seattle Seahawks, he suffered a career catastrophe abrasion afterwards active a accepted canyon pattern. Anderson’s apostle tripped him and afterwards landed abominably on his knee – disturbing his Posterior Crucial Ligament (PCL). Afterwards his football career ended, Anderson auspiciously transitioned into a clay career and his activity appeared to be on track.

Now the action of golf is his avocation. If history repeats itself for Anderson – the improvement kid – you will see him aggressive on the aforementioned blooming grass as Tiger Woods one day in the not so abroad approaching afterwards an illustrious career on the gridiron.